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diversity and inclusion

At Lumo we encourage every member of the Lumo team to celebrate who they are, and we are passionate about growing an inclusive environment in which colleagues are evaluated on their ability to deliver within their role, not their protected or personal characteristics, or background.

To our commitment to being an inclusive employer, all of our policies and procedures are written in a fully inclusive, nonbinary manner without the use of male female pronouns. These are written to champion and support our team to be their authentic selves while working for Lumo.

We strive to find accessible ways of working for colleagues and have ensured that our trains are user friendly for all.

We give our colleagues a voice in decision making around the business and have taken feedback given and used this to develop our business into something we are all passionate and proud of.

We have partnered with a number of organisations to provide understanding and support to our colleagues, including Purple Tuesdays, Young Persons in Rail, Institute of Railway Operators and Women in Rail, we will continue to develop our understanding as our business grows.

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