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Lumo, is a brand-new open access operator. We will be providing low cost fares, fully digital, 100% electric travel across iconic cities including Edinburgh, Newcastle and London. Our mission is to reimagine rail in everything we do. We challenge the norm and put safety, and our customers at the heart of what we do so they can Travel Well – Beyond Expectations.


At Lumo we are serious advocates of continuous learning and personal development, with 90% of our team undertaking a custom designed apprenticeship. We have started as we mean to go on. Our colleagues are encouraged to continually learn and develop with us and will commence an apprenticeship when they join, or are promoted throughout the business, which will allow us all to be the best that we can be.


We have built Lumo around people, our customers and our colleagues. We endeavor to include our colleagues to inform our business decisions such as lodging and attire to name a few, and this is something we have committed to continue. We will support, encourage and mentor our team throughout their careers with Lumo while championing their successes. So whether you have been in travel before, or are looking to change your career, why don’t you come and see what Lumo has to offer you. We look forward to you joining us on our journey.


It’s an exciting time to join Lumo. We are the first long distance, fully electric, open access travel operator in the UK. We are challenging the industry to give our customers a low cost, service driven, comfortable journey that ensures that our customers Travel Well – Beyond Expectations.

Service is at the heart of everything we do from the moment a customer chooses to travel with Lumo.

We have invested in a fleet of fully electric Hitatchi trains that will deliver a service that is faster than a commercial flight and kinder to the planet. We are also fully digital and sustainable. We have invested in our IT and systems so we don’t use paper, photocopiers and printers within our Hub or in our day to day operation.

We are people who care, our attire has been designed using high quality, natural materials that can be recycled. Our colleagues were involved in the attire design which has given us something unique, non-binary & unisex.

Wherever you work in Lumo, you’ll feel proud to be a part of our team.


By reimagining rail, we will deliver a unique and industry-leading, easy to use, travel experience for our customers. Our dedicated team will provide excellent service on our state of the art trains so that we can ensure our customers Travel Well - Beyond Expectations.


To reimagine rail and be the leading long distance operator in the UK within 3 years of launch. Creating new ways to travel for our customers that challenge other modes of transport, through the provision of a sustainable, high quality, innovative and cost effective service.


We are focused on providing SAFE, HEALTHY & ENVIRONMENTALLY SUSTAINABLE experiences.
Our people, culture and training ensure we are MOTIVATED & ENGAGED.
FRESH THINKING & INNOVATION help us to create differentiation in the way we do things.
We continuously strive to be better tomorrow than we are today, seeking SERVICE & PERFORMANCE EXCELLENCE.
We are COLLABORATIVE & INCLUSIVE in what we do, working in partnership with each other, our customers and the wider environment.
We use innovation to keep us LEAN & AGILE.

Safe, Healthy, Sustainable

Sustainability runs through the very heart of what we do, from our 100% electric high-speed trains (which have been designed to marginalise pollution), to our digital approach (we are a paperless company) down to our ethically sourced attire and onboard recycling.

The safety and wellbeing of our colleagues and customers is paramount – we have key policies in place to support colleagues through difficult times. We have partnered with the Samaritans and Purple Tuesday to make sure we are doing the right things for our colleagues and customers at a time when they might need us most.

Lumo have a proactive 'safety culture' in which all colleagues have safety responsibilities and work together to deliver a safe service every day. Our aim is to deliver a service with zero harm.

Motivated & Engaged

90% of our team here at Lumo have undertaken an apprenticeship.

We actively encourage continuous learning and development, with the support of our e-learning website, which will host mandatory e-learning, address personal training needs and provide continued professional development for all colleagues.

We provide mentoring to our colleagues when they join Lumo and encourage knowledge share and updates company wide - we have monthly Coffee and Cake sessions which give the whole team the opportunity to learn more about the company's progress that month. These sessions are interactive and gives everyone the chance to ask questions in an honest and inclusive environment.

These monthly sessions are supported by our weekly newsletter, SWAY. 

Fresh Thinking & Innovation

All colleagues are encouraged to share ideas with the wider team and can do so with an initiative called Ideas Station – ideas generated by our colleagues have already been implemented into the business and have been imperative in shaping the company's direction.


We subscribe to a behavioural competence framework called RESPECT (Responsibility, Excellence, Supportive, Professional, Equality, Communication, Transformational) which sets out a roadmap of expectations and is based on our Mission, Vision and Values.

It is there to help everyone at Lumo understand what the company expects/doesn’t expect from all our colleagues whatever grade/level you are. Setting a baseline standard is good for everyone.

Our behavioural framework is an important element helping to underpin our organisational culture so we can meet the challenging targets we have set ourselves.

We are committed to building an authentic, inclusive, safe culture with colleagues at the heart who are happy, engaged, empowered and fully committed to collectively help us achieve our exciting Mission, Vision and Values.

Collaborative & Inclusive

We treat everyone fairly, ethically and with equal respect in an inclusive way, all of our policies are built around being diverse and inclusive to support our colleagues.

We have heavily invested in our new HQ office space which encourages inclusive and collaborative work through an open layout and workspaces to promote teamworking.

Lean & Agile

We are able to be transformational by being Agile and Lean. We can apply fresh thinking and innovation and are constantly seeking opportunities to develop ourselves, others and Lumo.

As a 100% digital company we use multiple online platforms to facilitate an Agile environment. Illuminate is our one stop, digital shop that will connect you with colleagues, signpost you to information you need and enable you to post and receive business updates.

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