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Newcastle is our hometown. A cultural hotspot and a great city that has iconic structures, buildings and is the heart of the East Coast Mainline. Newcastle Central Station was the first covered station in the world and was opened in 1850 by Queen Victoria.

Our Hub Is located in Newcastle city center near Central Station. Our Hub is home to the Lumo Training Academy and our HQ team.

We ask that all colleagues live within 60 minutes of our offices.

Find us on google maps.

Central Square South,
Orchard Street,
Newcastle upon Tyne,



Edinburgh is one of the most scenic cities in the UK made up of historic buildings and adorned by Edinburgh Castle.

Edinburgh Waverley Station named after the author Sir Walter Scott Waverley, which opened in 1868, is perfectly set between the old and new town and serving as a flag ship station for North British Rail.

Providing the northern terminus for the East Coast Mainline. This is the start of an epic 393 mile journey that takes in the whole of our planned route.  

Find us on google maps.

Edinburgh Waverley
Princes St,



Morpeth is an idyllic market town in Northumberland set against the River Wansbeck. Morpeth Station was opened in 1847 and the station has served as a vital passenger link on the East Coast Mainline. 

Morpeth has one of the only bagpipe museums outside of Scotland and even has a bagpipe of its own known as the Northumbrian Small Pipes.

Find us on google maps.

Morpeth Station
NE61 2SW



Stevenage is a town in Hertfordshire just 29 miles from north London. Having roots in travel being the home of British Aerospace, having built the MARS rover. It was also where Vincent Motorcycles built the first superbike that was the fastest in the world between 1948 – 1955.

Stevenage Rail Station was built in 1850 which marked the end of horse drawn coach travel in the area. Being the first New Town meant that the station was relocated to be within walking distance in 1973.

Find us on google maps.

Stevenage Rail Station
Lytton Way



London is one of the most recognisable and iconic cities in the world. Wherever you go in London you are surrounded by history and culture. Whether it's going to see a show on the West End or visiting the history of England at the Tower of London or the Houses of Parliament. The city is linked by the infamous London Underground.

Lumo have chosen London Kings Cross as our station in the country's capital and the south end terminus of the East Coast Mainline. Opening in 1852 Kings Cross has been upgraded many times over the years most recently 2021 with the re opening of a tunnel allowing better access to the station. Kings Cross has also made a name for itself in countless works of fiction as well as being one of the stations featured on the Monopoly board.

Find us on google maps.

London Kings Cross Station
Euston Road
N1 9AL

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