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Train Driver

train driver

It’s a dream job for many people. But the role of train driver comes with a lot of responsibility. It will be up to you to get everyone to their destination safely and on time.

You’ll need dedication and strong safety awareness. Disciplined and customer focused with a healthy respect for the rules and a strong commitment to providing punctual and reliable services, you must also be willing to make big sacrifices. After all, being a train driver isn’t your average 9 to 5 job. But the rewards are well worth it. You’ll enjoy a career that is very different.

As well as continuous professional development for experienced drivers, all new drivers take part in a one year training programme. This involves practical training, learning in the classroom and our simulators.

If you’re willing to learn, have high levels of concentration and can keep calm under pressure, you’ll enjoy driving a diverse range of trains across our network. And you’ll soon discover that driving a train is more than a job - it’s a way of life.

To be a train driver you must be aged over 21 and be able to pass a medical examination that involves eyesight, hearing and colour vision tests.

Train Drivers

  • Originally I started as a conductor at York, and driving seemed like the natural progression. I love the fact everyday is different.

    Andy Train Driver
portrait image of cassidy portrait image of cassidy

Kerry joined Firstgroup as a driver in 2008. With an English degree from Wolverhampton, driving is a second career. Firstgroup funded a BSc in Railway Operations Management with Glasgow Caledonian and the Institution of Railway Operators to upskill her on the industry.

'It is a job that allows me to give something back to the community, driving commuters to work, children to school, the elderly to the shops. Working shifts means my hours are condensed in to a 4 day week, making it easier to plan childcare and giving me a great home/work life balance. I am also a trade union rep, fully supported by the company, and get to give careers talks in schools normalising women in the industry. Children do not see gender as a barrier to careers and we are opening up the industry to newer generations. Train driving is no longer seen as a male job like it was when I was growing up.'

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