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Your Development

Here, learning and development come in many shapes and forms. As an Intern, you’ll learn from undertaking real work, from your colleagues and ‘in the classroom’. It’s what’s known as the 70-20-10 learning model. Its aim? To give breadth and depth to what you learn and how you grow.

Over 8, 10 or 12 weeks, it’s up to you to own your development, although you’ll have a line manager and buddy to support you every step of the way. This means you get to start your career with us the and learn in the way you want. We’ll make our expectations clear when we offer you a place.

Learning on-the-job

We think the best way to learn about our business is by being part of it. So you’ll develop your skills by working directly with other colleagues. As an Intern the work you are given is designed to offer you valuable experience, while meeting your development needs and our business priorities. The work you do will be ‘real’, having a direct consequence for our business whilst providing you a unique blend of knowledge, skills and insight that will stand you in good stead, whatever role you take once your internship comes to an end.

Feedback, coaching and training

We know how vital insight and self-awareness are for your growth and development. So, our activities will help you build a picture of your strengths and capabilities through feedback, coaching and self-reflection. We’ll encourage you to get feedback from your Line Manager, colleagues, sponsors and peers. We will also provide format training in self-awareness in the business environment, including how to manage up and influence others. This way, you’ll perform brilliantly all-round.

Personal Development Plan (PDP)

Your tailored PDP will be at the heart of your development. It’s a plan that travels with you throughout your Internship. On it you will record your agreed objectives and development targets. It’s constantly reviewed and updated so together, we can decide what your next steps should be at the end of the summer.

Beyond your Internship

And once you’ve completed the Internship? What happens then?

If you are successful in your Internship, we will discuss with you the options available. Based on your performance, we may even be in a position to offer you a place on one of our Graduate Programmes. As you return to your studies, we will stay in touch.

Your Rewards

Are you the kind of person who rolls up their sleeves and gets stuck in? If so, you can expect fantastic training, great development opportunities and all kinds of benefits, including:


As an intern, you can expect a salary of £17,000 pro rata.

Annual Leave

You’ll enjoy 25 days’ annual leave pro rata plus bank holidays.

Support and networks

Thanks to our mentoring programme, you’ll have support throughout your internship. You can also get to know our current graduates and build a useful network that could be valuable in the future.